Jazz Bands

Hanford Music Co. boasts three, technically four jazz ensembles. Jazz I being the highest and top ensemble, JazzII/III, and finally freshman Jazz IV. In each of these classes, students will learn the essentials for playing fantastic jazz music. From improvisation to chord structures, students will interact and decipher the language of rhythm and music more frequently than they would anywhere else.



Freshman Jazz IV is where students will discover the basics of jazz musicianship. From beginning improvisation, to chord structures, and even to general musicianship, Chris Newbury leads the class with stellar teaching and rhythmic fun. If your student desires to become a stellar musician and soloist, this is the class for them. Learn the basics, enjoy funky, rhythmic vibes, and become a great musician in the process.



Jazz II/III is a combined class that will divide into two after auditions within the first two weeks of school. These bands are for the more relaxed bunch, yet, this class is more advanced in nature, pushing the ability for students to learn how to improvise and learn chord structures. This class is led by Russ Newbury, and is going to be helpful for those who are just starting in jazz.

Hanford Jazz I, 2017-2018

Hanford Jazz I, 2017-2018


The Hanford Jazz I Ensemble is the highest jazz ensemble within the music department. In this class, led by Chris Newbury, experienced students will capitalize on their abilities in music improv and performance.