Concert Bands

The Hanford Instrumental Music Department is home to three major wind/concert bands. In each of these classes, a music student will not only play fantastic music, but will also learn how to achieve a standard of excellence, both musically, and mentally.


Concert Band

Concert band is a non-auditioned group that any Hanford student can join. This band will perform lower-level music, and is meant for students who may either be needing an extra fine arts credit or elective, and or, just want to be a part of the music program and not really have to put in a lot of work. This class, though less stressful, will still pursue a certain level of music superiority and excellence that other schools may not have. It is meant to be more relaxed, yet will still push the student to strive to be a better musician. Concert band will be led by Russ Newbury and is open with no prerequisite at the beginning of the school year. This class will travel to numerous events and perform in concerts.


Symphonic Band

As of fall 2018, symphonic band is now an audition-based class for all medium-level players. Any musician seeking a class that plays medium literature and can push them a little bit harder may audition with Russ Newbury for a chance to perform with other fantastic musicians who have successfully auditioned, and made the symphonic band. The literature chosen will be more difficult than that of concert band, yet it will not be too challenging as to maintain a more relaxed yet professional environment. Auditions will be open prior to the start of the new school year to any grade level, including oncoming freshman, and placement results will be known by the first day of school. The class will be led by Russ Newbury, and will travel to events, as well as perform in concerts.


Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is Hanford's top band as well as most difficult. If this is the desired class, auditions will be held at the middle schools for incoming freshmen, as well as in the band room, or Russ Newbury's office prior to the first day of class. Decisions will be determined, and students who've auditioned will be placed accordingly on the first day of school. This ensemble plays the most difficult literature in the school and requires committed and talented students. Many trips are taken, including the CWU WindFest, a highly regarded, invitational, concert event. Wind Ensemble is led by Russ Newbury, and will take many other trips to competitions as well as WindFest.